2017 Final Rankings 4

Girls  Div I State-309

  1. Pinkerton (2)
  2. Bishop Guertin (5)
  3. Souhegan (1)
  4. Coe-Brown (3)
  5. Oyster River (4)
  6. Merrimack (6)
  7. Nashua South (7)
  8. Con-Val (8)
  9. Exeter (9)
  10. Alvirne (10)

Boys Manhchester Invite Large School-386

  1. Concord (1)
  2. Oyster River (4)
  3. Coe-Brown (6)
  4. Keene (3)
  5. Londonderry (5)
  6. Nashua North (2)
  7. Pinkerton (7)
  8. Hanover (8)
  9. Exeter (9)
  10. Winnacunnet (10)

(#) – denotes last week’s ranking

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4 thoughts on “2017 Final Rankings

  • Tyrone Shoes

    I think it could be interesting to mix up how results are done for next season. For example on NFL rankings, if the Browns beat the Patriots without Tom Brady, the Patriots wouldn’t move down below the Browns on rankings because Tom Brady wasn’t playing. Similarly if Team 1 beats Team 2, who chose to rest their #1 runner for the week, Team 1 shouldn’t always move above Team 2. Obviously this can get difficult, but a brief explanation of the rankings could always clear up confusion.

    • nhcc Post author

      Sounds great. We can add rationales next year. We have done that in the past, and can try it again. I will say, we do take all of that into account, meaning injuries, rest, etc. It is a gray area especially during the regular season and we can only operate off of our best available information. I will also say, the last three meets, Divisions, MOCs, and New Englands carry all the weight with regards to final rankings. Inherent in the fact that they are the ‘championships’ is an agreement that every team is at its best and most genuinely measurable.

  • hammerxc

    Doing the rankings is not an easy task when there are some schools that never race each other at all during the season until Divisionals or MOCs. Not sure using the way the NFL does it works with the sport. Also teams can only be ranked based on what is known about what they are doing during the season. If a team chooses to fly under the radar all we can do is speculate how good they are. If they want to be ranked “up there” it would be in their best interest to get results in for sure. Not sure that a brief explanation would satisfy someone not seeing the rankings meet their ideal.

    But love the discussion!