Team Mascenic Blog Week 3

Mascenic Cross Country: Week 3
Another week in the books, and this one ended on a great note. Friday we traveled up to Fall Mountain for our first official 5k race distance. The top finishers in the men and women’s races were both Mascenic runners, Avery Traffie and Sam Bilodeau. Overall the rest of the team made an impressive display, with a team win on the men’s side.
After a cool-down we boarded the bus to head back and stopped, as we traditionally do for dinner, at a grocery store. Yes the idea may seem a little odd at first, but if you shop smart meals are cheaper and healthier. Never have we stopped at a McDonald’s, nor will we ever stop at one. However, some new comers have yet to learn the importance of healthy eating. On the bus ride back some were eating whole chickens and others were enjoying cakes. One individual had fifty sour patch kids in his mouth at once, because why not?

As time goes on, the underclassmen seem to be settling into the swing of things. Practices are becoming more random on the easy days as a result of this.

Before our second run to the Bankee Bridge for the week, the boys were seen putting dandelion fluff in each other’s hair, creating trails of it in the air behind them. While swimming around, the team stayed in a group, occasionally going under and scooping up mussels from the pond bottom. While climbing out to resume the run, the same individual who had fifty sour patch kids in his mouth began the mud and grass fight.

As various types of pond grasses and clumps of mud were flying about, only a few good hits were made which resulted in kids having to jump back in to clean the sludge off. I’m excited to see the personality this team is developing; its sure to be an interesting one.

Next week we see our first opportunity to let it fly, heading to Sanborn and the competition of more teams. We hope to keep climbing the curve of understanding how to race and Tuesday will be the first true test. Can’t wait to find out!

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