Coach’s Corner Profiles: Exeter’s Joe Scascitelli & Belmont’s Scott Clark

Joe Scascitelli, Exeter H.S.

Years Coaching XC : over 20(I don’t want to give away my age J).

Accrued Accolades @Dover H.S. 1982– Girls New England Champions,joe scasitelli photo Class L Champions, 2nd at MOC

@Dover H.S. 1983- Girls 5th at New England Championships, 2nd at MOC, 3rd at Class L

Assisted Footlocker Finalists Cathy (Schiro) O’Brien of Dover H.S. 1982(10th), 1983 (3rd), 1984 (1st) and Tony Truax of Dover H.S. 2001 ((30th)

Assisted New England Champion Cathy (Schiro) O’Brien of Dover in 1982, 1983, 1984 (who had also won in 1980, 1981 before I arrived).

Assisted Runner-up New England Champions Tony Truax of Dover in 2001, and Kelsey Smith of Exeter in 2009.

Assisted fourteen All New England athletes.

Assisted seven Division I (or Class L) Champions, and four MOC champions.

What got you into coaching? I was teaching a math class during the first week of school. The principal came in, and asked me to take over the boys program (after the former coach had quit). I told him that I had no background in distance running (having played football in high school and college). He said no problem, good luck!

Where did you get your coaching philosophy? New Hampshire legendary coaches such as Paul Potter, Bill Luti, Jeff Johnson, and Larry Martin. Also world-class coaches such as Jack Daniels, Vin Lannana, Lance Harter, and Bob Braman.

Favorite Coaching Achievement: Attended the 2012 Olympics in London as a Volunteer Assistant for UMass-Lowell, along with Head Coach Gary Gardner, and 5000M Olympian Rubin Sanca (a former UML Div. II All American in the 5000M/ XC, who was representing his native Cape Verde).

Greatest Coaching Moments: Dover winning the Girls New England Championship in 1982, and Exeter winning the Girls Woods Trail Run in 2009.

Strength of Your Program: Individualized, systematic, year round training (for two peaks). Being fortunate to have coached many talented, committed athletes.

Words of Wisdom: Continuity and consistency are the keys to success. Everything follows from good nutrition and adequate sleep.

Three athletes you would love to have dinner with: Joan Benoit, Jenny Simpson, and Meb Zeflezighi.

Coach you look up to: All coaches.

Scott Clark, Belmont High

Years Coaching XC 24 years

Other coaching gigs, sports, schools: Farmer (350 head of sheep), Clarkfather of three, avid hiker, Science geek, previously of Sant Bani

What got you into coaching?

Absolute love of distance running sort of “spurred” me into sharing what I knew. Teaching was the perfect forum.

Where did you get your coaching philosophy?

I was absolutely blessed with having Don Stephensen at Gilford and Peter Thomas at KSC as my coaches in High School and College. Mr. Stephenson really kept me out of the “dark side” and showed me what hard work in running could produce. He and Pete had unbelievably similar, old school styles of coaching that suited me, and my athletes learned to love the sport as well.

Greatest Coaching Achievement:

Producing four men’s teams to compete at NE’s. That was difficult.

Favorite Coaching Achievement:

This may sound a bit crunchy, but watching my son run his senior year. He really loved it, running on the HS level since grade 8, and running really well. Him coming in 7 in the MOC outdoor 3200, after coming in last seed was more a testament to him. Big, rugged farm boy just getting it done daily.

Greatest Coaching Moment:

Not one, but more of a moment after seeing non athletic, low confident kids turn their life/attitudes around with something as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, repeatedly.

Strength of Your Program:

No one gets turned away, no one gets turned off, no one allowed to turn the wrong way.

Favorite Workout:

Threshold 1000’s on grass, very short rec. Always slowing kids down to their proper pace on this one.

How do you pump up the team before a big race?


Three athletes you would love to have dinner with:

Mike Smith, Ernie Brake, Tim Cox

Coach you look up to:

Walt Chadwick (knows anything and more about distance running)

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