Team Blogs: Coe-Brown Boys & Mascenic

Coe-Brown Boys

Hello! This is Davio DeLuca, a junior at Coe-Brown. davio2This week started to really feel like the best part of cross country, with fun races and hard workouts. We started off the week with two meets almost in a row, hosting our homecoming meet on Saturday the 12th, and traveling up to Freestyle Farm for a great race with Souhegan and Portsmouth the following Tuesday. The atmosphere at practice has been awesome as everyone is focused but excited for the rest of the season.

During the summer, the boys varsity team made it a point to meet up for most of our runs, and we tried to make each run fun and unique. We decided to continue this into the season, meeting up on the weekends when we don’t have practice to run together. One particular run was one that we started at our teammate Jacob’s house. He lived pretty close to one of the freshman JV runners, so halfway through our run we picked him up and brought him along. The running itself wasn’t particularly interesting, as we ran mostly on roads, but that allowed us to talk to each other and have a good time while running. After the run we all ate a ton of food and held a two on two basketball tournament. It was especially enjoyable for the people watching because we’re a lot better at running than we are at basketball.

Saturday morning we did something similar, where we all met up at my house to do our long run. We had a great run during which we all expressed our extreme desire to get back to the house and eat as much food as we could. These runs have been great for team bonding and making our training fun. They really help us come together as both teammates and friends. On Friday we ran our last hill workout of the season and the last one of the seniors’ high school careers. Since it was the last one, we all grouped up at a giant rock at the top of the hill and did our Coe-Brown cheer. After an exhausting workout, it gave us a bit of an energy boost and was an awesome moment.

As the season ramps up, the Coe-Brown boys are excited to race hard and have fun doing a sport we love.


Mascenic Week 5

As far as mileage goes, this has been a pretty big week. We’ve been waiting forbriana blog1 the weather to break, so we can get back to full training volume and that happened this week. Just two days before going hard at our home meet, we had our biggest mileage day of the season so far. Most people got about nine to ten miles that day. We did a workout that involves doing a 0.9 mile loop on a one mile split time. The focus of the workout is to go long, but it is also a hill workout as the first third of the loop is uphill. After the workout, on the way back, nearly everyone stopped to take a dip in Bankee.

In addition, we held our homecoming meet Friday afternoon. This has been our first home meet of the season, and we took this opportunity to race hard. Mascenic runners Jake Movsessian and Sam Bilodeau placed first in the boys and girls races respectively. Most impressively, not only did the boys’ team win, but the girls’ team placed first as well. It has been a few years since Mascenic Girls Cross Country has had enough members to be a considered team that is able to place, so to take first at our Homecoming was a huge step.

I started running cross as a sophomore and now I’m a senior. In that entire time, this is the first time I’ve had a team to run on. Of course, the guys and gals are all one big team, but when it comes to winning state championships, most recently that has involved just the guys. Now, not only do we have a gal’s squad, but a decent one. I’m excited to see where we can get as a team this season and where they will be in future seasons.

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