Coaching Profile: Winnacunnet’s Richard “Ozzie” Osborne

Richard “Ozzie” Osborne, Winnacunnet HS

Years Coaching XC

2 years at the high school,   20 years as Hampton Academy Middle School

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11 years coaching Winter and Spring Track

Accrued accolades:

10 seasons Boys Seacoast Middle School League Champions, 8 seasons Girls Middle School Champions. Numerous top 5 individual runners in the Large Middle School State Championship, including 1 girl’s state champion, who was daughter, Kaitlyn Osborne.  Also numerous top 5 team finishes at the Middle School State Championship.

What got you into coaching?

Loved to run and ran competitively for a long time. I thought I could have a positive influence in working with young people.  A coaching position opened at Winnacunnet and I applied for it and got the job in 1982.

Where did you get your coaching philosophy?

After many years of coaching and working with other coaches, I’ve developed my own philosophy. Jack Daniels has had a big influence over my coaching beliefs.  I feel it’s important for runners to build a strong summertime base with varying distances throughout their weekly trainings.  This enables them to come into the season ready to build upon the base they’ve created.  The words I like to use with runners during the summer are to stay committed and consistent.

Favorite Coaching Achievement:

Last year’s Girls Division 1 State Championships race. We finished 3rd by 2 points even though 2 of my top 7 runners were injured.

Greatest Coaching Moment:

I had a runner who started in 6th grade and finished last in every race.  His divorced mom spoke with me and was concerned he was going in the wrong direction in life.  The next year this young man came out and started to work and showed some promise and was finishing in the middle of the races.  His 8th grade year, he was elected captain.  He then went on to run at the high school and was elected captain his senior year.  He was the #4 runner on the high school team.  For many years his mom would send me thank you cards because she believed running and my influence helped to turn his life around.  He went on to compete in college and has a successful career today working for ESPN.

Favorite Workout:

1 ½ mile run at easy pace, return to the track for 8 – 10 400s at interval pace with equal rest time between, and then finish with 1 ½ mile easy run.

Three athletes you would love to have dinner with:

Joan Benoit Samuelson, Cathy O’Brien, Tom Brady

Coach you look up to:

Mark Coogan, coaching professionally for New Balance, Boston – former assistant coach at Dartmouth

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