Get Involved! Be A Sponsor of the NHCC Website!

NHCC LogoWith close to 1 million hits in the last 30 days, it seems as if we have some fans of our website!  It takes an enormous amount of volunteers across the state to properly cover our great sport and we thank them constantly!

What is your favorite?  Do you enjoy the photos?  Do you enjoy the race videos and interviews??  Do you enjoy the previews, recaps, coach’s profiles, team blogs or other features ?  Do you enjoy this free service when other websites offering similar features charge $ every month??

While we will never turn to a subscription-based website and will always remain free, we do have bills to pay.  Because of this we are opening our website up to potential sponsors.  If you are a business, you can expect exposure much like Runner’s Alley, Lancer Timing, and Embroidery Creations have enjoyed.

If you are a fan, parent, teacher, or coach, who simply does not want to see the quality of this website compromised in future years, you can participate too!

If interested, please contact us at

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