Divisional Merges! Accurate Predictor?

Another post for you numbers people out there!!!  Like Manchester Invite, having all divisions compete on the same day and the same course reveals a plethora of data.  While the course can slow over the period of 6 races, this is the closest we can get to see how the best teams stack up against each other across divisions at Derryfield.  Now, one might wonder how this correlates to Meet of Champions held on a very flat and fast course, opposed the hilly and challenging Derryfield. In 2014, the Merge successfully predicted 5 of the 6 qualifiers in the girls race and 4 of the 6 qualifiers in the boys race.  Will the 2015 Merge have the same success?  We are providing you 2 sets of merges. One with all competitors from Saturday, and the other with non-qualifiers taken out.

2014 Girls Merge Qualifiers – Coe-Brown, Bishop Guertin, Concord, Winnacunnet, Pinkerton, and White Mountains

2014 Girls Qualifiers for New Englands: Coe-Brown, Bishop Guertin, Concord, Winnacunnet, Pinkerton, Souhegan

2014 Boys – Pinkerton, Timberlane, Alvirne, Coe-Brown, Concord, South/Central

2014 Boys Qualifiers for New Englands: Pinkerton, Timberlane, Alvirne, Oyster River, Londonderry, Coe-Brown

MOC Qualifier Merges:

2015 Merge for MOC Girls

2015 Merge for MOC Boys

Full Merges:

Division Championships girls-combined

Division Championships boys-combined

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