Coach’s Profile: Derryfield’s James Porter

James Porter, Derryfield School

Years coaching XC:  2

Track & Field:   9 seasons

Other coaching gigs, sports, schools:  Manchester West HS, Manchester North U-6 soccer

Accrued accolades:  USATF Level 1 Track and Field Certification, 5x USATF Mountain Goat, Varsity Lettermen U of Delaware Track n Field team, 1992/93

What got you into coaching?  Started after college coaching my old HS Track team.  Loved the sport and wanted to share my passion for running.

Where did you get your coaching philosophy?  Dr. Jack Daniels, Arthur Lydiard, Bill Bowerman

Greatest coaching achievement:  Coaching Casey Hecox to winning D-3 State Championship 2014 and PR at MOC’s

Biggest disappointment:  Not increasing Casey’s flexibility to the point where she could touch her toes with straight legs.

Greatest coaching moment:  When the Derryfield boys made the MOC’s for the first time ever in 2014

Strength of your program:  Team’s commitment to push/inspire each other to work harder

Favorite workout:  Beat Your Spot:  On a grassy flat-ish loop, athletes run at tempo effort for 5 minutes and mark their spot.  Walk back to the start.  Then, run for 5 minutes and they have to “Beat Your Spot”  (note:  important to have the kids yell/cheer “Beat Your Spot” before they take off again).  Repeat in 4/3/2/1 minute cycles.

Words of wisdom:  Train, don’t strain & spend more time than you think on injury prevention

Three athletes you would love to have dinner with:  Emil Zatopek, Peter Snell, and Roger Bannister

Coach you look up to:  Mark Whetmore, University of Colorado, Mike Porter (my bro) Watching Hills HS, NJ

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