Team Blog Tuesday! Mascenic Week 7 & Hanover Girls

Mascenic Week 7

Well, we knew they were coming eventually. On Monday the team kicked off the week with the down and dirty Dipsey Hills, everyone’s SECOND favorite hill workout. They were originally scheduled for last week, but Beaver Pond had other plans. The workout went smoothly, as it usually does, and let’s just say Debuj is really becoming a fantastic little shadow.

I’m a bit disappointed to say that Tuesday, for the most part, was thoroughly uneventful. Aside from visiting the old junked-up car down Housing Development, it was just another day on the job.

The excitement was turned up quite sufficiently on Wednesday, however, when the team once again hopped onto the track for a marvelously delightful 500 meter repeat workout. Not only did we get to shuffle up some dust clouds, but we got it all on video. Thank God for Logan’s roughed up legs, as he took the opportunity to snap a GoPro on his bike and film everyone’s familiar savagery. We all got a nice laugh when he took the bike out on cool-down and took a spill across the handlebars over the tippity-top of the Field Hockey field hill. Don’t worry though, he’s a good sport, and had a good laugh.

On Thursday, the team got to enjoy a lovely and scenic 50-90 minute long run. Logan decided to film this little shindig as well, and I just hope the footage doesn’t make us look like COMPLETE idiots. Maybe the next time we decide to go down a random deer trail, we’ll think it through before filming it.

Friday, no surprise here, was a short, easy run, in preparation for Coe-Brown on Saturday. This was the second time Mascenic’s headed up to Coe-Brown this season. And this time, we’re not leaving anything to chance.

“Trainin’ hard, on Trainin’ Tuesdays!”

Hanover Girls Cross Country!

While some started as early as 3rd grade, others came to the sport later through Hershey Track and the middle school running programs.

Now that we are on the high school team, we work and play hard.  Our favorite workouts are hard to choose since we often groan when Coach reveals them.  Our favorite cross training activities are pool workouts, hikes and runs that incorporate a chance to plunge into a stream or lake.

The day before every race, the boys and girls teams embrace spirit days, where we dress up to a particular theme. The night before a race, the runners pile into a house to have a team dinner.  With food and races in mind, a few of our favorite pre-race fuels are toast with peanut butter or honey and few Mike and Ikes (courtesy of Elsa).

When we finally have the chance to race our favorite courses bring the best out of us.  Our personal favorites are Derryfield in Manchester, of course, and the Meet of Champs course at Mines Falls.

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