Team Blog Tuesday: Mascenic Week #8

No Monday hill workout?! (gasp) On Monday things were shaken up a bit when the team headed out the door for a long run, instead of the usual weekly hills. We’re devastated to report that, in fact, there will be no more hill workouts this cross season for us lucky-sons-of-guns over here at Mascenic. The run was pretty fun though. Hey, that rhymed! You know things are getting serious when workouts start to resurface. On Tuesday, we had our second “800s” workout on the course. Why do it a second time, you ask? Well to see how much we’ve improved during the season since the last time we did a certain workout. Or maybe it’s just because Smith sucks at coming up with new ideas. Who really knows?

On Wednesday we had another grand ole’ long run. You know I still can’t figure out what compels us to keep running past “Pig Poop”. Maybe it’s the enjoyment of seeing Cole gag and lose his shoe in the disgustingly humongous piles of pig excrement. Thursday was race prep, as we had a meet the next day. Smith mixed things up a bit with his innovative “Belmont” starts, where we practice getting off the line by simulating the start at the Belmont meet; the team’s destination the next day. I’d be lying if I said the Belmont course was easy. It takes just about every ounce of willpower you’ve got in order to resist the urge to get halfway up that stupid hill and not quit cross right then and there. But I can tell the truth by saying that did not happen to anyone on the Mascenic squad. Ain’t loyalty a beautiful thing?

Overall the race went fairly well. As with any meet, some people
have fantastic races, some have poor ones, and there’s ones in between. As a team we’re not complaining either, since we got third. Not by a huge point difference, we might add. But as we love to say at Mascenic, the only time it really matters is when we step onto the line on the 29th. So Smith will collect and analyze his data, we’ll forget all our responsibilities over the weekend, and Derryfield Park will wait. Wait for those fortunate enough to race on her.

“Never tell me the odds.” – Han Solo

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