Mascenic Team Blog: Week #9

It’s fair to say this week has thrown the familiar groove off a bit. But as we get closer to states, that tends to happen. The team had Monday off, as there was no school, so we kicked off the week with race-prep since we headed up to Derryfield School for their home meet. It’s always fun watching the newbies trying to wrap their heads around the fact that they have to go around the soccer field at the beginning and end of the race, but it can be somewhat vexing being the one having to repeatedly tell them!

The meet went as well as it could have for both the girls and boys teams. They walked away with some delicious, first-place pies. Although we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little disappointed over not getting a pumpkin. It’s sort of a tradition at this point to take that pumpkin up to the Nussy and throw it off the water shoot, watching as it explodes on the ground and erupts nasty, bright orange pumpkin guts. And no shirts just added to the sting. But let’s not spend our valuable time complaining like a bunch of Sassy Susans.

Thursday was another basic long run, intercut with some swift and smooth turnover rate. The real fun was for Friday, when we stepped onto the track for the second and final Torture 12’s workout for the season (The last one ever for the seniors.) And it’s all the more fun when there’s a soccer game on the field inside the track. It never complicates things when Smith has to yell at people to keep their chair OFF of the track, either. And it’s official, no more regular season meets. That means it’s time for the good ol’ taper. You know it’s crazy to think that in just two weeks, we’re gonna be putting it all on that line and running our hearts out. I swear, the season goes by faster every year.

“Success doesn’t come to those who want it, it’s found by those who need it.”

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