Updated w/PICS! All Divisions! 2016 Middle School State Championships!

Division I & II Pictures!Thanks Davio DeLuca!

Division III  – Thanks Dave!

All results from today’s Middle School State Championship meets are found at LancerTiming!
girls-winFor the first time in its 43 year history, the NH Middle School Championships were held at two different venues. The ever increasing popularity of cross country was a factor that helped force the hand of change.  Another was to divide teams into three more equitable divisions based on school population.  Londonderry hosted the (Large) Division I and (Medium) Division II, while Coe-Brown hosted the (Small) Division III.

At Coe-Brown, it was all about hometown domination.  As predicted, the Division III Girls race was a runaway victory by Northwood’s Addison Cox.  The talented 8th grader scorched the two mile course in a course record time of 11:41 to become the first ever 3-Time NH Middle School State Champion.  Andover’s Sophia Reynolds ran strong to the finish to place 2nd in 12:21, just ahead of Portsmouth Christian’s Liza Corso (12:22) and a pair of Hopkinton teammates Anna O’Reilly (12:22) and Cailey Stockwell (12:26).  Mariesa Preble of Hampstead placed 6th in 12:32, Gilford’s Cat Stow placed 7th in 12:36, Hopkinton’s Lilia Klinger was 8th in 12:37, Portsmouth Christian’s Lily Kjendal 9th in 12:38 and Deerfield’s 6th grader Sophie Hopkins finished 10th in 12:38.

Hopkinton successfully defended its state title.   girls-teamThey won the team competition by placing four runners in the scoring top 10 and their fifth in 22nd place to tally a team low of 42 points.  The young and talented Deerfield squad placed second with 89 points just ahead of crosstown foe Northwood’s 143 points. Newmarket placed 4th with 153 points and Hampstead was 5th with 185 points.

The 2016 Division III Champion Hopkinton winning team members were, O’Reilly, Stockwell, Klinger, Addison Locke (12th 12:46), Jessica Carney (22nd 13:20), Meggie Haley (43rd 13:53), anboys-win-2d Clara Locke (61st 14:21).
Northwood’s Aidan Cox ran away from the competition to commence his own cache of state championship titles.  The mighty 6th grader won the race in 10:23 lowering his own course record by six seconds.  Northwood made it a 1-2 finish when Cox’s fellow teammate Porter Heigis (2nd 10:35) turned the tables on rival Brayden Kearns of Deerfield (3rd 10:39).  Boynton’s Josh Movsessian (4th 10:43) sandwiched Northwood’s Luke Tkaczyk (5th 10:55) when Boynton’s Landon Vaillancourt finished 6th in 11:18.  Chesterfield’s Torin Kindopp (7th 11:25) edged out Northwood’s Wyatt Mackey (8th 11:27) and Hopkinton’s Joseph Tierney (9th 11:27).  Ryan Fischer of Science & Design placed tenth in 11:29 to finish out the medal winners.

Northwood capped off its perfect season in style by winning the 2016 boys-team-2Division III State Championship by scoring an impressively low score of 28 points upending 4-time Champion Deerfield which placed second with 74 points.  A very strong Boynton placed a respectable 3rd with 109 points, Winnisquam was 4th with 164 points and Hopkinton rounded out the top five team medal winners with 213 points.

Northwood’s winning team members were Cox, Heigis, Tkaczyk, Mackey, Tyler Tkaczyk (12th 11:32), Logan Mihelich (18th 12:00) and Max Heigis (72nd 13:13).

Division II

Portsmouth’s Angela Hagstrom got out to an early lead and put it on cruise control to win the Division II Girls individual championship in 12:47.  Monadnock’s Delaney Swanson won the battle for second in 13:01 just ahead of Oyster River’s Sophie Sullivan (3rd 13:03).  The very talented twosome from Amherst were next with Masho Primmer (4th 13:07) and Chloe Trudel (5th 13:08) distancing themselves from Litchfield’s Cassie Hemming (6th 13:14).  Milford’s Abigail Halloran 7th finished in front of the pair from Pelham Rose Goyette 8th 13:30 and Paige Hurst 9th 13:36. Merrimack Valley 6th grader Sophia Rubenciuc grabbed the tenth place medal in 13:38 just in front of what looked like an army of Amherst runners.

The reinforcement of Amherst runners were led by Annie Bermingham (11th 13:44), Ashereka Primmer (12th13:44), Adrianna Zlotnick (13th 13:45), Sophia Lunati (14th 13:52) and Hailey Ramundo (23rd 14:14), that was more than enough to overrun the competition and win the 2016 Division II Championship with 45 points more than doubling up second place Portsmouth 93 points. Oyster River placed third 152 points squeaking by Hampton Academy 4th 154 points and Litchfield 5th 167 points.

Sanborn’s Dylan Khalil turned in a very fine performance comfortably distancing himself to win the Division II title in 11:18 over a trio made up of archrival Oyster River harriers led by Owen Fleischer (2nd 11:35), Amani Harvey (3rd 11:37) and Andy O’Brien (4th 11:38).  Hanover’s Richard Aman (5th 11:40) slipped by Portsmouth’s Avery Crowell (6th 11:41).  Dylan’s younger brother Jared Khalil of Sanborn did well for himself also by placing 7th in 11:49 ahead of Monadnock’s Harry Ryan (8th 11:53), Milford’s Caleb Korthals was 9th and Monadnock’s Tyler Hebert rounded out the top ten in 12:00.

As expected, the depth of Oyster River’s #1-7 runners was overwhelming for its DII opponents.  They scored a paltry 34 points to win the 2016 Division II Championship, their first title since 1996.  Hanover placed second with 86 points with most of its team intact for a 2017 run at a title.  Led by its sensational siblings, Sanborn took a reputable 3rd with 119 points ahead of Monadnock with 136 points and Amherst was with 166 points.

Oyster River 2016 Division II Champion team members include Fleischer, Harvey, O’Brien, Zak Jones (12th 12:18), Theo Castonguay (13th 12:19), Connor Shea 18th (12:52) and Theo Fleischer (20th 12:56).

Division I

Fairground’s Cali Coffin ran the fastest time of the day in
Londonderry savoring the sweet smell of victory for herself by winning the 2016 Division 1 Girls individual title in a blazing 12:17 over Carly Rinko of Ross A. Lurgio (2nd 12:25) and Grace Mercier of Cooperative Middle School took 3rd in 12:27.  McLaughlin’s Morgan Nault placed 4th (12:37) ahead of Morgane Orcutt of Rundlett (5th 12:44), Hillside’s Fiona Doherty (6th 12:50) and Elm St. Zoey Greene (7th 13:05).  Londonderry’s Caroline Leone (8th 13:06) edged out Woodbury’s Erica James 9th in 13:06.  Grace Jones of Elm St. made it just in time to grab the last medal in 10th at 13:15.

There is a reason why they are called Hillside, because yet again they are King of the Hill!  Successfully defending their 2015 State Title and winning by a margin of 40 points, yet led by only one top ten finisher.  Hillside scored a workman like 71 points earning that triumph over a solid second place finish turned in by Rundlett 111 points.  Seacoast Champion Cooperative Middle School snatched 3rd with 126 points over pre-race favorite McLaughlin 4th (131 points) and Woodbury finished 5th with a 155 points.

Hillside’s State Repeat Champion members were Doherty, Ella Tartsa (11th 13:15), Erin Flurey (13th 13:18), Sophia Leonard (17th 13:27), Devan Booth (5th 13:41), Emily Hobuasz (28th 13:43) and Rania Barton (52nd 14:18).

The only 1, 2, 3 sweep of the day went to the boys of Londonderry.  Ryan Young led the way placing first in a very fast 10:53 ahead of last week’s Tri-County Champion Will Heenan (2nd 11:00) and Matt Griffin (3rd 11:17).  Woodbury’s Bradley St. Laurent took 4th in 11:32 by a whisker over Elm St. Christopher Keefe (11:32) and Rundlett’s Eben Bragg (6th 11:33).  Keene’s Tyler Harrington (7th 11:40), Londonderry’s Tyler Kraft (8th 11:44), Keene’s Gunnar Schonbeck (9th 11:53) and Rundlett’s Trey Fortier (10th 11:55) rounded out the top 10.

The lowest team total (26 points) on the day and the largest margin (70 points) of victory went to LondonderryKeene placed second with 96 points better than Rundlett’s 122 points. Dover ran to a fine 4th place finish with 152 points and Elm Street seized 5th with 166 only 2 points ahead of 6th place Ross A. Lurgio.

Londonderry’s 3-Peat NH State Champion members were Young, Heenan, Griffin, Kraft, Andrew Young 12th 12:08, Damon MacLeod 22nd 12:28 and Jack Sprague 25th 12:33




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