Mascenic XC Blog 2018!!!

Volume 4 Week 1

Another year, another volume of Mascenic team blogs. The beginning of our season kicks off every year with a 10-lap time trial for our returning runners, with the intent to gauge just how much everyone has been running over the summer. Trust me, when you haven’t been running and you step on a track for a workout, it shows. After this concluded, we all met up again for official practice with all of our new runners (mostly freshman). This year’s batch of newbies seem to be more seasoned than any group our team has had before, and it showed when we got to our first workout.

Like clockwork, the first workout of the year is always XC hills on our own course. The repeats range from 8-20, but it was visible that our team, especially the younger members, were eager to get to work, with several of them reaching at least 15 repeats.

To finish the week out on Friday, the team took a trip up to Franconia Falls in Lincoln for a run out to some really cool swimming spots. What made this year’s trip special was that we were joined by our school’s field hockey team! Overall, the trip was a great experience for all that went, and a great opportunity to get to know another fall-sports team!


It’s certainly early, but this definitely looks like it’s going to be a promising year for both the boys’ and girls’ crews. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds.

Logan Thibault


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