Pics and Quote #4: Breakthroughs!

Thought we would celebrate the beginning of the competitive season as we expect many of you to have the breakthrough race based on you first summer of consistent training!  Enjoy the breakthroughs, but remember what contributed to them!  -NHCC

“A breakthrough race can change your mindset.  You are suddenly better than you were. You know you can compete with a better set of athletes.  Your confidence soars.” 

Pic to the Right

WHAT:  AAU XC Championships

WHEN:  1970

WHERE:  St. Louis

WHO: Janet Bristol leads Doris Brown, Beth Bonner, Francie Larrieu

Feature Pic Above

WHAT:  NHIAA Meet of Champions

WHEN: 1978

WHERE: Ashland

WHO:  Tina Lawrie (MV), Lisa Markley (MV), Kris DiMambro (OR), Chris Massey (Exeter), Monica Drake (Dover), Kim Koch (eventual winner from Newmarket) among others!

Editor’s Note: Due to the graciousness of Jeff Johnson, John Goegel and others, we are carrying over a series begun during the track season on our sister site, .  For those of you that don’t know, Jeff Johnson was employee #1 of Nike.  He actually is the one responsible for naming the company.  Fortunately for us, he was also a world class photographer of our great sports in the 1960s and 1970s during which he captured thousands of sports photographs.  We are honored and thankful for their choice to use our sites as their medium for sharing their passion.  We hope our presentations can do them justice!

Photos by Jeff Johnson

Quotes by Jeff Johnson from his work in progress: “In Other Words: Things I Think I Said When I Was Trying To Think Of Something To Say.”

If you are interested in a poster version of a photo from this series, they are available for a small charge.  Contact us via

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