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2019 Mascenic Team Blog Week 2

To start off the second week of the cross country season, the team ran a 300 meter workout with 200 meter recovery. The team split into groups based off our goal pace for the end of the season. The temperature was hot, (no surprise there) which left the team dreaming of October when the temperature is under 70. Overall, the team ran a solid workout.

Tuesday was the first day of school for the Mascenic District. Leaning toward something a little easier than our 300s the day before, we had our long run of the week. Part of the girls team ran down a trail usually littered with large puddles and streams, but due to the lack of rain and hot temperatures, they were all dried up.

On Wednesday, we ran as a race prep day in anticipation for a practice meet at Coe-Brown the following day. We ran 15 minutes of warm-up and 15 minutes of cool down, and starts in between. During the starts, the sky opened up and it started pouring, which was very refreshing.

On Thursday, the team went up to Coe-Brown for a practice meet. Many of the newer members of the team were a bit nervous, as this was going to be their first 5k length high school meet. Luckily for them, when we arrived at Coe-Brown, there were no other teams there. Apparently, due to a bit of miscommunication (All Smith’s fault :)), we went up a week early for the meet. After laughing off that unfortunate event, (and snapping a team picture in front of the Coe-Brown sign), we ran a 3 minutes on, 3 minutes off workout on the course. Special thanks to Coe-Brown for not kicking us out.

After a pretty eventful second week, we had a long weekend for Labor Day, a good way to prep-us for the next week ahead!

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