2020 Mascenic XC Blog #1

The Mascenic Cross Country team has had a good start to their season. Covid-19 has made it very difficult for the team to run together but we have managed to do it, with buffs.  Running 6ft apart, the teams have been doing the best they can to stay safe and healthy.

The team hosted their first practice this Tuesday September 8th. Coach Smith, with him not knowing where everyone fitness-wise, sent us all out on an easy run, 40 to 60 minutes depending on our summer training.  After, we did injury prevention and foot walks to get the ball rolling.

The next day started our first workout, XC hills consisting of a 650 meter loop with 150 meters of a moderate uphill grade.  We had a choice of doing 8,12,16 or if we wanted to push ourselves 20.   After the team did the core work for the day, 15 minute abs, while making sure to appropriately social distance.

Thursday was race prep, getting ready for the shenanigans to happen on Friday. We did a 20 minute warm-up, followed by 5 starts and then a 20 minute cool down in the rain.

Friday was Hill Billy Relays, Mascenic vs Mascenic. The Hill Billy teams were a mix of a Mascenic girl and boy tandems with the convenience of The HarleyQuinn Team which was Quinn Aldrich and Sydney Bane. This specific team wore ripped sleeved, button up shirts with overalls. These teams were also paired from fastest to least fastest.  Having the mix up made all teams difficult to catch.  Some athletes had a good day and some had a bad day. I was one of those athletes that had a bad day, but in the end of the day we got what we needed out of it.

The coming week sees the workouts become more intense and ends with a home meet against Keene. Covid has shortened the amount of time to get prepared for the end of the season. Will we take this chance to understand our strengths and weaknesses and make the appropriate adjustments?  Time will tell.

Victoria Smith, Mascenic Cross Country


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