2020 NHIAA Meet of Champions Plan Posted!

After careful consideration, working with Nashua City Health Department and several meetings, the NHIAA and its XC Committee posted the plan for this year’s Meet of Champions scheduled to be held Saturday, November 7th at Mine Falls.  When reviewing these, please keep in mind, it is for this year only with hope of returning to normal in 2021.

To read the entire procedures click on this link: 2020 NHIAA Meet of Champions Information

Below are some of the highlights with some clarifying thoughts.  As with everything these days, masks are to be worn by everyone at all times, unless running.

One will notice many similarities with the Division Championship plan beginning with no spectators allowed.  This is the first line of the policy because it is one of the most important aspects of the plan.  Less people = less congestion…everywhere!  Remember, at least the kids can race!  To help take the sting away regarding this development, WE WILL BE LIVESTREAMING!!! This has become one of our top priorities this season!  We will be ready!  The link will be available on the NHIAA website and of course this website!

Also as with Divisions, each school is limited to 8 athletes (7 competing and 1 alternate) and 2 coaches per team, so 16 total athletes and 4 coaches per school.  No other teammates (JV members) can attend either.  Each school will be asked to socially distance by spacing out accordingly in designated areas.  Each school will also have its own designated porta-potty!  Thanks NHIAA!

The document contains the same verbiage as the Divisions regarding the finish area.  Athletes are to finish the race and head back to team area to mask back up!  Coaches, meet them at the team area NOT at the finish area.

Starting AREA!!!  Yep, we are continuing with the waves, organized in a similar fashion as Divisions.  Notice the highlighted portion regarding qualified individuals and how they will be organized.  All in an effort to spread the field.

Teams will be called to the starting line by school announced over the PA system identically to how it will be done at Divisions, same process.

ENTRIES! As with past years, qualifying teams and individuals will be entered automatically by LancerTiming.  However, for this year only, the list # of qualifying teams and individuals have been altered to ensure a certain number of runners in each race.

Schedule!!! This is MUCH easier than the Divisions as there are only 2 races!  We still do have an arrival time. Keep in mind, no awards ceremonies, concession/merch stands.  Tees will be available for purchase online.

Although different, at least it is a state meet attempting to preserve everything which is special regarding NH Cross Country!!!  Stay healthy, observe all protocols, keep your fingers crossed and good luck!

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