Coaches! Reminders For State Championships!

Coaches Reminders:

NHIAA Division State Championships entries on Direct Athletics are due Sunday October 25th by 6:00pm!

Coaches! Make sure you follow the directions on the policies and procedures when registering your athletes on Direct Athletics!  Athletes should be registered by placing your 2 fastest runners in the first wave, with your next 2 fastest in the second wave (3rd and 4th best runners), next 2 fastest in the 3rd wave (5th and 6th runners) and your 7th best runner in the 4th wave.   This is done to spread out the field and increase safety before, during and after the race.  If coaches attempt strategy by having their top runners in the 2nd or 3rd waves, it defeats the purpose and simply breaks the rules.

For example, we should not see D2 defending champion Luke Tkaczyk in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th wave.  He should be in the 1st wave.  To be clear, and 1 more time,  have your #1 and #2 runners in the first wave!  Don’t play games.  Don’t break the rules. 

Please remind your parents there are no spectators.  Please watch the livestream!  Link will be posted next week!





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