MOC Streakers 2020!!!

Streakers! Longest Active Streaks Qualifying for Meet of Champs

It’s great if you were on a team competing to win a division championship this past Saturday. For other teams, the goal was to qualify for the elite Meet of Champions to be held this coming Saturday at Nashua South High.  This is the big dance for the vast majority of schools in NH.  It is like icing on the cake for individuals as well.  Unique to only a few sports, the idea of being able to truly crown the best in NH is incredibly enticing! Because of COVID protocols, the top 6 teams from D-1, the top 5 schools from D-2, and the top 4 teams from D-3 made it.

Some teams seem to make it to the Meet of Champions every year – but it’s hard to be consistently that good, year in, year out. Of the 144 teams in the state (boys and girls squads from 18 schools in D-1, 22 in D-2, and 32 in D-3, boys and girls), only 15 programs have current streaks of at least 5 years in a row.

The Londonderry boys own the longest current active streak. They’ve qualified for the Meet of Champions 30 years in a row, every year since 1990. The longest current girls streak is now held by Coe-Brown. They’ve made it 20 years in a row, starting in 2000.

The all-time streak record is held by the Manchester Central girls. They made it 32 years in a row from 1983-2014. The Central streak came to an end in 2015.

Here’s the list of active streaks of 5 years or longer.

Years Team Year Started
31 Londonderry Boys 1990
21 Coe-Brown Girls 2000
21 Oyster River Boys 2000
20 Hanover Girls 2001
16 Pinkerton Boys 2004
14 Bishop Guertin Girls 2007
12 Souhegan Girls 2009
11 Bedford Girls 2010
8 Coe-Brown Boys 2013
8 Mascenic Boys 2013
7 Concord Boys 2014
7 Nashua North Boys 2014
6 Campbell Girls 2015
6 Kearsarge Girls 2015
5 Keene Boys 2015

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