2020 MOC Additional Video Footage!

While this year has certainly been a challenge for all of us, we have been quite fortunate for all the additional coverage many are providing.  Thanks to Dover Coach Nick Piatti for allowing us to see a glimpse of inside the Green Wave.  He continued that this past weekend, as he took footage of each race from a Dover point of view and then edited to post 2 great videos!

Next on the playlist you will find the raw footage from the lead vehicle in the boys race courtesy of Phil Demers!  We do not have audio, but we feel this is super cool as well!

We also threw on the Instagram Live Videos compiled this week by Morgane Orcutt and Forest MacKenzie!  Basically this gives everyone an inside look of what it is like to be super fans!!!

Thanks so all involved!!!  Yep, we can’t get enough!!!


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