2020 D2 All-Division Team!

Obviously we can’t do Larry justice, but channel your recollection of his unique speech delivering style and accent as you read each below!  Thank you coaches for your contributions below!!!  Congrats D2 NH All Stars!

Lili Baers, a senior from Kearsarge, coached by Peter Angus and Ernie Brake


Now a 2-Time NH All Star as she made the D3 team in 2019.  Baers led Keasarge during their return year to an impressive 4th place finish in Division 2 to qualify as a team for MOCs.  Baers earned her spot this year by placing 9th as well as being D2’s 6th place finisher at the MOCs.  Although she placed 5th in D3 last year, her performance this year was certainly faster and more impressive considering the challenge of the course conditions.  Lili is an honor roll student whose real passion is nordic skiing and is one of the top high school skiers in New England.  She is so good, last year she was named to the New England Nordic Ski Team which traveled to Tuckee, California to compete in the 2020 US Ski Junior National Championships.

Addison Cox, a senior from Coe-Brown, coached by Brent Tkaczyk and Tim Cox


4-Time NH All Star! After placing 4th her freshman and sophomore years, Addison placed a gutsy 7th her junior year to help her team earn a runner-up finish while battling Lyme Disease.  After battling these effects for a better part of a year, finally healthy, Addison saved the best for her final year.  She went undefeated in all xc races winning the D2 and MOC titles and leading her team back the D2 state championship.  Addison is president of Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT), and is a member of the National Honor Society.  She hates snowshoeing but is addicted to coffee, Nike shoes, and shopping. She is headed to UNH in the fall.

Sheldyn Fisher, a sophomore from Coe-Brown, coached by Brent and Tim


2nd time as a D2 All Star by virtue of matching her freshman year 8th place finish and following that up with being the 10th D2 finisher at MOCs.  Sheldyn is an honor roll student who is now also coached by her big brother Lucas who was a CBNAXC team leader from 2010-2013.  Big brother made the D2 All Stars as well.  Sheldyn is the master of imitations, although when put on the spot, will not perform!  In her spare time she enjoys playing with her dogs, cooking and practicing hair braiding for races!

Sarah Glueck, a freshman from Hanover, coached by Eric Picconi


Had a phenomenal freshman year culminating with her 7th place D2 Championships finish and then being the 8th D2 finisher at MOCs. She comes from a family of runners and lovers of the outdoors who always aim to push limits.  Sarah is no exception.  When she was younger, she broke her leg in a ski crash.  Not even that could stop her.  Every race or practice she laces up for, she runs with joy and freedom.  It is a highlight of her day to be with her teammates and share laughter and time together.  But that positive energy doesn’t fool competitors–she is going to rub shoulders with the best whenever she can.  Sarah is ready and capable of taking the reigns of the girls’ squad next fall when Riley and Caroline head off to college.

Tessa Millette, a senior from Coe-Brown coached by Brent and Tim


First time NH D2 All Star!  A model of consistent improvement from her freshman year when she did not make varsity, she placed 27th as a sophomore, 16th as a junior and then 11th this year.  Although a quiet leader, the coaches have deemed her the General, because she leads from the pack and can always be counted on to run a consistent race, Tessa became a strong senior leader to the younger girls on the team.  Along with Addison is a member of SALT, the National Honor Society and is co-race director for the Run 2 Fall.

Sophia Reynolds, a junior from Merrimack Valley, coached by Dave Irving


As a junior, has already had a storied prep career as she was the 2018 D2 Champ, placed 5th last year, and placed a strong 3rd this year.  Her 3rd time as a NH All Star, Reynolds continues to be a modicum of consistency. In her spare time, she loves to hike, and is working her way through the NH 4000 footers with 10 down.  This past summer she got her first 14,000 footer on a trip to Colorado.  She currently is using some pandemic time to learn to cook.  She made some amazing sweet potato tater tots and is anxiously awaiting Emma Coburn’s new cookbook.  She also used to be a pretty talented ski jumper before retiring from that.

Riley Roach, a senior from Hanover, coached by Eric Picconi


In her second year as a runner, she stunned everyone.  A first time NH All-Star, Roach placed a vastly improved 4th at D2s this year and then an incredible 5th in the MOCs to lead her team to the team MOC title!  This after placing 48th last year at D2s!   She joined the squad her junior year more or less on a whim.  She just wanted to try it out and found a love and passion for the sport.  While we were all socially distanced, she committed herself to exploring the roads and trails and to be outside.  Everyone was stunned by her improvement when she showed up in September.  She studied the sport and crafted a training plan that sharpened her foot speed and trained herself to approach races with a focus few can match.  Her smooth stride and command of cadence only shows that she has more to prove.  Expect to be looking at her dyed hair from behind when you race her next.

Stephanie Svensen, a freshman from Souhegan, coached by Jeff Wilson


Obviously a 1st time NH All Star, Stephanie joins the now storied Souhegan program and gave them a powerful 1-2 punch.  She placed 5th at D2s, and was the 5th best D2 finisher at MOCs where she placed 12th overall.  Stephanie was born in a car on the way to the hospital! When her parents arrived at the hospital, the nurse told them they should name her after their car (Toyota 4 Runner). While they decided against it, you could say she was born 4 Runner(ing)! Running she did at the DII State Meet where she garnered 5th place, and ran the fastest freshman time of the day at Derryfield! She followed that up with a 13th place finish at the Meet of Champions (again 5th within DII runners), and again the first freshman! Stephanie is one of the quietest members of the Souhegan girls’ team, but according to her coach, she is also one of the hardest workers, and most intense competitors. While not running, Stephanie is an avid skier- both downhill on snow, as well as on water behind boats! She is also an accomplished swimmer, and is a member of the Souhegan High School Community Council.

Mallory Taylor, a sophomore from Coe-Brown, coached by Brent and Tim


Now a 2-time NH All Star, Taylor overcame a late season bout with tendonitis to place a valiant 6th at D2s to help her team return to the top of D2 as state champions.  This was an improvement from a 10th place freshman finish in 2019.  Always races with great determination, and has the craziest arm swing ever seen by coaches.  In her spare time, Mallory enjoys cooking, baking and doing art projects!

Chloe Trudel, a junior from Souhegan, coached by Jeff Wilson


Now a 3-time NH All Star, Trudel continues to improve every year.  8th as a freshman in D2, she won the D2 title last year in 18:42.  In tougher conditions this year, she was the runner-up but running a faster time in 18:28 in one of the more exciting races at Divisionals.  Chloe had another outstanding year, finishing a strong 2nd in the DII State Meet, with her fastest time ever at Derryfield, and finishing second again at the Meet of Champions!   Beyond her racing accomplishements, Chloe brings unbounded positive energy to practice everyday.  In addition to running, Chloe likes to bike, hike, and do anything outdoors, rain or shine.  She sings the National Anthem with incredible tone and precision, at many Millenium Running races and other events.  Her favorite hobby is baking running goodies, and posting recipes on her food page.  Chloe loves to volunteer in her community, and somehow also finds time to work at LaBelle Winery, in Amherst, as a hostess. If you ask any of her teammates what it is like to work out with Chloe, they will say that she somehow finds a way to turn any conversation into a song!


Aidan Cox, a sophomore from Coe-Brown, coached by Brent and Tim


Now a 2-time All Star.  Followed a strong freshman year where he finished 2nd in D2 and 2nd at MOCs with an historic championship season this year.  At a snowy Division 2 Championships Aidan shockingly took down the state record with a clocking of 15:15.  This time is faster than legends of John Mortimer and Ben True and current top runners like Aidan Puffer and Gavyn Sherry.  He followed that up with NH’s first ever sub 15:00 clocking with a 14:58 winning time at the MOCs.  part of SALT, slowest shoe tier.   Willing to run through a wall during competition, he loves to play basketball, mountain bike and watch SportsCenter.

Trey Gonzalez a senior from Windham, coached by Kelly Fox


1st time D2 All-Star, Trey finished 10th at D2s and was the 10th D2 finisher at Meet of Champions.  Trey has improved each year placing 79th as a sophomore, 29th as a junior and of course 10th as a senior.  Coach Fox recruited him off the treadmill his freshman year in the cardio room.

Lars Hogne, a junior from Coe-Brown, coached by Brent and Tim


After working with varsity his freshman and sophomore years, this year made a huge breakthrough. 1st time D2 All Star as he placed an astounding 5th at Division 2s capping his first year on the varsity level.  He is known for never sitting down and relaxing, always looking for the next activity whether it is basketball, mountain biking, skiing, etc.  Coach Tkaczyk backed into his Volvo at practice. 

Jared Khalil, a sophomore from Sanborn, coached by Scott Maxwell


Now a 2-time NH All Star.  He improved on his 4th place finish in 2019.  Jared is not only a good runner (3rd in DII, 15th at MOC), but is also a stand out basketball player, getting solid playing time on the varsity last year as a freshman. He is known on our team for his dance moves, end zone (ultimate frisbee) celebrations, love of the Transformer Optimus Prime, and catching acorns with his face.

Michael Killian, a junior from Windham, coached by Kelly Fox


1st time NH D2 All Star by virtue of his 6th place finish at D2s and D2’s 5th place finisher at MOCs.  Huge improvement, as he placed 35th last year at D2s.  Considering where he started, as he struggled to run 3 miles at his first practice enjoying some time in the back of the pack.  He quickly trained up his freshman year but was still only at the 21:00 range. And now he is rolling in the low-16’s and on the NH All-Star Team!

Wyatt Mackey, a senior from Coe-Brown, coached by Brent and Tim


Now 3-time NH All Star, Wyatt placed an incredible 8th at D2s after taking a tremendous spill coming down off the reservoir loop at Derryfield resulting in bruised ribs.  Displaying his toughness, he followed that up the next week by matching his 8th place finish of a D2 runner.  Known on the team as a solo adventurer but disappearing in the woods for hours on end.  This toughness will assuredly be put to good use as he is headed to the Navy where being a man of few words but a man of action will help him!  

Logan Mihelich, a junior from Coe-Brown, coached by Brent and Tim


Three-time D2 NH All Star by virtue of 9th place finish at D2s as well as being the 7th D2 finisher at MOCs.  Nicknamed “Log Dawg” he has had the knack and toughness to always perform at his best at State Championships and big meets ever since middle school.  He is the example of clutch or 6th man!  An aspiring director, he is in the process of filming a documentary on the team this year for his senior project.   

Rohan Rai, a senior from Windham, coached by Kelly Fox


Rohan is a 2-time NH D2 All Star.  After placing 5th last year, Rohan improved to 4th in 2020.  Personality plus, who loves to drink water out of a gallon jug, wear Hawaiian shirts, and throw his thumbs up at photographers.  In all seriousness, Rohan will continue his running and studies at the US Naval Academy next fall.  So, he will need a haircut!

Carter Sylvester, a senior from Coe-Brown, coached by Brent and Tim


Now a 2-time NH D2 All Star, Carter is now world famous due to commentators repeatedly saying his name :). He is the greatest character ever to run for Coe-Brown.  BUT, in all seriousness, he is an absolute great racer.  The staggered start benefited him because every time he passes someone if gives him more confidence.  He began at CBNA as a freshman not on the varsity team to a decorated varsity athlete who propelled himself to 4th overall at this year’s MOCs helping his team post the lowest score in MOC history.  Carter has a big heart.  He basically lived at the Northwood Hannaford at the beginning of the pandemic to simply help.     

Luke Tkaczyk, a senior from Coe-Brown, coached by Brent and Tim


Another 4-time NH D2 All Star.  Luke, the 2019 D2 Champion, completed a senior year with consistency by placing 2nd at Divisions in a personal record, only to better that by close to 30 seconds at MOCs to place 3rd overall.  He certainly is the glue which keeps the team together as he is responsible for bringing several of the kids on the team since middle school.  He has recently signed with D1  Siena College in NY and is a member of SALT.  He also loves to down hill mountain biking and skiing. 

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