2020 NH Coaches of the Year!!! Dover’s Nick Piatti & Monadnock’s Clint Joslyn

A hearty congratulations to EVERY coach who embarked on attempting to usher a team or program through the summer and fall of 2020. A coach’s job this year certainly centered around more than merely coaching the sport of cross country.  Dealing with the pandemic became paramount from the outset.  Safety is always on a coach’s mind, but COVID certainly had safety as the #1 concern during all aspects of the season.  To actually coach successfully during this time makes us believe each and every coach is worthy of this award.  At the same time, there were several who stood out, especially the 2 interviewed below.  So congratulations to Dover’s Nick Piatti and Monadnock’s Clint Joslyn, who are the 2020 NH Coaches of the Year for the girls and boys respectively!

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