Runner’s Alley Team Nights 2021!


Want a great way to ensure your team is in the proper shoes fit by a professional?  Want to give your new parents an education on how properly fitting shoes is akin to properly fitting tires on a car? Check out Runner’s Alley Team Nights being held beginning August 16th – September 1st at all 3 locations in Portsmouth, Concord, and Manchester!  Although they may look a slight bit different, Team Nights are officially back! Details below!

  • 20% off non-sale items in the store for athletes and parents.
  • Professional fitting of shoes which can be exchangeable.
  • Free gift for student-athletes with purchase.

Check out our past videos below to see what to expect!!!

Coaches: If interested please complete the form below the videos, and Runner’s Alley will be in contact with you to schedule your team’s night!

Set up your Team Night!


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