By John Goegel

“Strive to achieve all that you know is possible. Then, when you discover that more is possible, strive to achieve more. This advice applies only to so-called ‘barriers.’ It is not an invitation to over-train”

  • Jeff Johnson

This is not an addendum nor a footnote to Limits???on This is a stand alone, recognizing the extraordinary accomplishment of Sifan Hassan (an Ethiopian representing the Netherlands) in the 2020 (held in 2021 due to COVID) Tokyo Olympic Games. Hassan is inarguably one of the greatest women distance athletes of all time. Jakob Ingebrigtsen is considering a 1500m-5000m-10000m triple in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games; Kip Keino attempted it at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. Hassan boldly did it. Its execution (24500m of racing over 9 days) would push any mere mortal to physical and mental exhaustion. A timeline surpasses any narrative in describing Hassan’s brutal journey.  Here is the timeline –

Friday, July 30 (1900) –   5000m qualifying round (1st place, 14:47.89)

Monday, August 2 (0900) – 1500m qualifying round (1st place, 4:05.17)

Monday, August 2 (1900) – 5000m final (1st place, 14:36.76).

Wednesday, August 4 (1830) – 1500m semi-final (1st place, 4:00.23)

Friday, August 6 (2150) – 1500m final (3rd place, 3:55.86)

Saturday, August 7 (1900) – 10000m final (1st place, 29:55.32)

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