Women Run New Hampshire is an event to educate and inspire the women who run the roads and trails of the Granite State.

On August 20th from 12pm – 4pm, the Bedford Girls’ XC program will host an afternoon of workshops for runners of all ages and abilities that cover topics such as fueling for peak performance, RED-S, common food myths, mental preparation for competition, injury-prevention, running safety, coaching the female athlete, collegiate running, and training for the lifelong runner.

Speakers include registered dietitians, local professionals and sub-elites runners, college coaches, physical therapists, yoga instructors, social workers, and current collegiate athletes. In addition to the workshops offered, local vendors and small businesses will be present throughout the Bedford High School halls and gymnasium to showcase goods and services that support NH women in athletics.

Explore their site to learn more about each of their speakers.

This is the second year of Women Run NH, their list of speakers and vendors continues to grow and evolve. If you would like to help sponsor them or sign up to be a vendor at the event, please contact them here!

-Stephanie Burnham, Bedford Cross Country


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