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By Mike Smith

Well, while I got my math correct I have to admit that I bungled the preview.  I missed that Trinity, D3’s #1 team would be inDSC_6331.jpg attendance, changing the scope of the boys race significantly.  I apologize for those left out, including Derek, but it certainly made for an exciting afternoon of racing.

You didn’t need a thermometer to know the conditions for racing were perfect.  With a slight bite to the air, the feel was definitely one of cross country and with 85 in the girls race and 100 listed for the boys race we were in for an afternoon of action.

The girls race got off with a bang, with Mascenic’s Erin O’Shea, Skye Lambert and Gracie German building up a 10 meter lead before they got of the track.  Behind them the second pack was made up of Mascenic’s Kaitlin O’Shea, Brielle Shippee, Mackenzie Vaillancourt and Amelia Smith, with John Stark’s Rylee Barnard and Kayla Berriere and Moultonborough’s Grace Eliot in tow.  Intentionally missing from this front groups was Mascenic’s #3 girl Emma Schaumloffel, who was working with sister Florrie to navigate the course towards a PB.

After one lap the order would remain the same, with O’Shea, Lambert and German opening up a gap back to fourth.  Once one lap was completed, the Viking ladies turned up the volume, stretching away from those behind them.  With obvious orders to keep things in check over the opening lap, with the green light the field began to break apart after that first big hill.

Erin O’Shea would finish this one off in first, stopping the clock at 21:40, with sister Kaitlin working her way through her teammates, Lambert and German, giving Mascenic a 1-4 finish.  Next in would be Barnard and Berriere, then Eliot.  Shippee would round out the Mascenic scoring in eighth, with Belmont’s Edgren sisters, Alyssa and Rebekah rounding out the top ten.

Mascenic would win this one handily, with the scoring five in the top eight, six in the top twelve and an eight in the top twenty, scoring 17 points.  Next in was John Stark with 63, and third was Hollis/Brookline with 80.

DSC_6460.jpgIn the boys race, Profile’s Isaac Reeder got the race off to a quick start opening a 5 meter gap early, stringing out the field from the gun.  HB’s Ryan Burgher quickly closed that gap and continued to push the pace, looking to break the chase pack early.  Those looking to hang on were Mascenic’s Drew Traffie and Ryan O’Shea, John Stark’s Eli Lemire, with  Trinity’s Aidan Palmeter, Max Scharr and Nathan Donovan lurking behind.  Could Burgher stay out in front of this who’s who of D3 running.  

At the halfway Burgher would lead by 15 seconds over Traffie and Lemire.  O’Shea was leading over the Trinity trio, but the Pioneers were no longer lurking and were on the move.  The chase pack was mostly Trinity with other schools top runners sprinkled throughout.

In the end, Burgher’s gamble would pay off, finishing up in 17:46, eighteen seconds up on Lemire and Traffie.  O’Shea would hold off a hard charging Palmeter, who would be followed in by Donovan and Scharr.  This is where the Mascenic and Trinity battle would end, as HB’s Marcus McCammack would lead in Trinity’s Matt Nardone and Braden Phemester to round out the top ten and the Trinity scoring.

Trinity would score a low 37 points, almost doubling down on Mascenic who scored 70 points.  HB would be the last to make the podium with 80 points.

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